Baseball Caps And T-Shirts

I have been talking to someone I know about something they can do to drastically alter their appearance which is what they’ve been talking about. I think he is wanting to change the way other people judge him but I don’t mean that in a weird way because he just kind of wants to get […]

Our occupations

At work we were talking about if we want to stay here. I know that a lot of people talk about that and it’s the kind of situation where each person has an idea. You’ve got people that want to be looking for new jobs but they can’t really say that because they might not […]

What do you like to do

Apparently there are some places that my friends were telling me about that I should find out more about because it seems there are a lot of things that I might be interested in. When we were talking about the things we like to do, and people were sharing what they like, a few people […]

My Data

Perhaps the most exciting part of keeping track of everything I do is that I have been really working to keep track of all the things I do. Getting to the point where I can just keep it all in a single document has really been helpful to me. But I am looking for virtual […]

Cool Programs

The options that you have for your service providers aren’t really that great. I mean, there is the normal cable company. We all know how they are. They have a good lineup but they are not everyone’s favorite company. And then there really aren’t many other options. But I’ve been looking at att to see […]

The Open Field

I am trying to see if I can learn more about air fresheners.  I’d like to keep my home pretty fresh and I don’t want to get those scented things because I haven’t really found any that I really like the smell of, and even though a lot of people seem to buy them, I […]

Small City Residences

Some of my friends have made the comment that they think my place is too small.  You see, I have some friends who live pretty far out of town where you can get a place to live for a lot less than when you are closer to the big cities.  It makes sense that if […]

English Accents

Do you know anyone who is always traveling?  I have a friend who is always going somewhere.  He has been not only all over America but also to a lot of places in Europe, too.  He told me that he recently went to England and he said that it took a little bit to get […]

My Site Loves

I like to blog.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  In fact, if you’re been reading this site then you’re pretty aware that I will use this blog to post anything I’m thinking about, from things I hear about, to relationship issues, and even to things I want to try.  I’m glad I found a site like […]