I have been talking to someone I know about something they can do to drastically alter their appearance which is what they’ve been talking about. I think he is wanting to change the way other people judge him but I don’t mean that in a weird way because he just kind of wants to get an individualized style. So he was talking about changing the color of his eyes which I did know about but wasn’t sure he wanted to do. He was talking about their contact site and I think this could be something he would look into. That’s his style, though. He’s just a bit out there. I was mentioning to him that he could get some cool shirts, too, although it seems like everyone does. Oh, and course there are things like necklaces. Now, I know that a lot of guys don’t wear necklaces, but if you have one it can look great. I really don’t do it myself but speak with guys who do on occasion and it’s pretty cool IF they can pull it off.


Because not all of them can. I really have been thinking about what else my friend can do and I think he has some clues. Basically, I just want to be comfortable and awesome but my friend has to be like no. He’s like, I just want to me wonderful. For example he wants people to see him and be like man, look at that guy. I don’t know if I would like that. But for some people it seems to click. I guess it’s just that I’d rather take things a bit simpler and look at some of the wild ideas but not really do any of them. My own style is pretty amazing, though, but I think that most people would describe it intelligent. For example, I wear hats. But I don’t wear toques or fedoras . I wear baseball caps. Because that’s my style. And people might say that is too popular but I don’t care. And I wear jeans. But not skinny jeans. Well, maybe. No. I don’t. But I Have some that are a little bit slimmer and I like them. And I wear watches. Most of all though I like to wear t-shirts. A lot of people think that t-shirts are plain, but I get ones that I think are cool. It’s easy to wear them and you can just do whatever you want because wearing them is extraordinary.