At work we were talking about if we want to stay here. I know that a lot of people talk about that and it’s the kind of situation where each person has an idea. You’ve got people that want to be looking for new jobs but they can’t really say that because they might not be positive of where they’re going yet. So that is what can happen when you are talking about that. We were saying though that we would like to get jobs that are the same was what we do now but it’s the kind of thing where at some other place it might be good because there could be a different type of environment. It’s not that we don’t like it here it’s just that it’s kid of odd and maybe at another place would be better. So this man was telling us about how he was thinking about going into another place and seeing if they had positions. He was telling us that he was thinking about doing something new because he just really thought that it would be great to do that. He was searching for nurse jobs and saw that there were some available and he thought he would like doing that. I don’t know how much he knows about moving into a new industry but he was thinking that he could do it. I know that he would probably be pretty thorough at it too because he’s one of those people who are really attentive. Basically though it’s just that I think there are some people here that would probably want to keep working here. And we were talking about some of the places we like to go band basically there is a store here where you can get some interesting blankets. I think that I would probably go there and see what they have because I was considering getting some of those. And then you have this idea that we were talking about of taking our group to this competition where w could perform and see how it works since we play keyboard and it would be kind of fun. But mostly we just like seeing what ideas the people have because it’s a way to learn about things and you can get some new concepts for things you want to do and that is why I talk to these people besides the fact that we are all good friends anyway. They seem exciting when we think of things. Most of what gets discussed is exciting I think.