Definitely Not Following Up On People

Have you heard about how political candidates are making updates to their websites from what people tell them? It’s actually pretty suspicious if you ask me. So, if you know me you know that this isn’t a political blog at all, but I definitely felt like talking about this for a bit. Alright, so politicians, or rather the people who are running, have their websites, right? I’m sure you’ve all looked at them. The problem however is that, much like trailing getting in office, they change what they say on their websites, too. So why is this a problem? First of all, they might verbalize their thoughts on one thing and get some funding from certain people, then they might change to something else to try and get donations from others. It’s definitely a characteristic that causes you to go wtf. I mean think about it.

Now, for the most part, I don’t even really follow politics. I literally don’t care. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do, but it’s more the fact that whatever we as people can do doesn’t really matter. I’m not going to get into the issues with a 2 party system, and yes, there are other parties, but do they ever get any votes? Not really. Look here’s the thing. I recently learned there are people who pay attention to this kind of thing. You can see what their website looked like and then you can confirm that it has, indeed, changed. Now you could do this on the archives if you wanted I guess, but there’s places that do it for you anyway.

So I guess if you’re following you loved candidate and want to see what they were up to, you can do something like this. They will even send you some email when the website changes. What is happening here will be pretty awesome if news guys start talking about it. They’ll be like “so and so said this, and THEN they said this.” I realize everyone gets this already, it’s just something they could talk about.

Here’s the thing. Are you really going to vote for someone who modifies what they say all the time? I mean, I’m really not going to get into this aspect because I just crossed into a different topic altogether. And this is why I don’t talk election stuff. But of course, I wanted to mention that this kind of thing exists because I was rather joyful to see it. Maybe they will have to stop altering what they say now?

Probably not.

Baseball Caps And T-Shirts

I have been talking to someone I know about something they can do to drastically alter their appearance which is what they’ve been talking about. I think he is wanting to change the way other people judge him but I don’t mean that in a weird way because he just kind of wants to get an individualized style. So he was talking about changing the color of his eyes which I did know about but wasn’t sure he wanted to do. He was talking about their contact site and I think this could be something he would look into. That’s his style, though. He’s just a bit out there. I was mentioning to him that he could get some cool shirts, too, although it seems like everyone does. Oh, and course there are things like necklaces. Now, I know that a lot of guys don’t wear necklaces, but if you have one it can look great. I really don’t do it myself but speak with guys who do on occasion and it’s pretty cool IF they can pull it off.


Because not all of them can. I really have been thinking about what else my friend can do and I think he has some clues. Basically, I just want to be comfortable and awesome but my friend has to be like no. He’s like, I just want to me wonderful. For example he wants people to see him and be like man, look at that guy. I don’t know if I would like that. But for some people it seems to click. I guess it’s just that I’d rather take things a bit simpler and look at some of the wild ideas but not really do any of them. My own style is pretty amazing, though, but I think that most people would describe it intelligent. For example, I wear hats. But I don’t wear toques or fedoras . I wear baseball caps. Because that’s my style. And people might say that is too popular but I don’t care. And I wear jeans. But not skinny jeans. Well, maybe. No. I don’t. But I Have some that are a little bit slimmer and I like them. And I wear watches. Most of all though I like to wear t-shirts. A lot of people think that t-shirts are plain, but I get ones that I think are cool. It’s easy to wear them and you can just do whatever you want because wearing them is extraordinary.

Our occupations

At work we were talking about if we want to stay here. I know that a lot of people talk about that and it’s the kind of situation where each person has an idea. You’ve got people that want to be looking for new jobs but they can’t really say that because they might not be positive of where they’re going yet. So that is what can happen when you are talking about that. We were saying though that we would like to get jobs that are the same was what we do now but it’s the kind of thing where at some other place it might be good because there could be a different type of environment. It’s not that we don’t like it here it’s just that it’s kid of odd and maybe at another place would be better. So this man was telling us about how he was thinking about going into another place and seeing if they had positions. He was telling us that he was thinking about doing something new because he just really thought that it would be great to do that. He was searching for nurse jobs and saw that there were some available and he thought he would like doing that. I don’t know how much he knows about moving into a new industry but he was thinking that he could do it. I know that he would probably be pretty thorough at it too because he’s one of those people who are really attentive. Basically though it’s just that I think there are some people here that would probably want to keep working here. And we were talking about some of the places we like to go band basically there is a store here where you can get some interesting blankets. I think that I would probably go there and see what they have because I was considering getting some of those. And then you have this idea that we were talking about of taking our group to this competition where w could perform and see how it works since we play keyboard and it would be kind of fun. But mostly we just like seeing what ideas the people have because it’s a way to learn about things and you can get some new concepts for things you want to do and that is why I talk to these people besides the fact that we are all good friends anyway. They seem exciting when we think of things. Most of what gets discussed is exciting I think.

What do you like to do

Apparently there are some places that my friends were telling me about that I should find out more about because it seems there are a lot of things that I might be interested in. When we were talking about the things we like to do, and people were sharing what they like, a few people mentioned the things that are interesting to them. So anyway, someone said they like to go rollerblading and they were saying that it was pretty cool although they didn’t know of many good places to do it. Another guy said he liked to go offroading and was telling us about that.

This person said they like to go skiing and that’s when we starting talking how everyone likes doing stuff there. So basically, there is a place I want to go that is called Breckenridge and if you are going to have the things there which you can do to have your interests satisfied that will make things amazing. For example, at the airport you can get a Breckenridge airport shuttle that will bring you to where you need to go. That seems like it would be sweet because it’s the kind of thing that means you wouldn’t have to arrange your own transportation. I think I would probably do something like that if I were going to go there. But the thing is that I was reading about it and it seems like where I would go. I need to talk to some people about it. Another thing we were talking about was what you can do there. A few people have been there and were saying that it happens to generate a lot of discussion. Basically though I think that I am going to see if there is anything I can do there. And then I was thinking that I would see if it’s like the other places I am familiar with because I know there are some other places where you can do that kind of thing. So that’s where I was thinking about seeing if I was going to go since it seems like what I would enjoy. And then while we were talking about that this other person mentioned that they wanted to find out more about going sledding and we said that seems like something that would be great. Really the thing that I am most amazed about though is that there are some other things I would probably want to do in the winter but I don’t know if I could do them in this place.

My Data

Perhaps the most exciting part of keeping track of everything I do is that I have been really working to keep track of all the things I do. Getting to the point where I can just keep it all in a single document has really been helpful to me. But I am looking for virtual bookkeeping now because I’ d like to have another firm manage that while I am doing all the other stuff. The main thing I need to do is find someone that I think will do a good job. There are a few places you can do that but it’s something that you need to get done in a way that will be good for you. The other thing that is related to this is that there are a few people I was thinking about using but I am going to go with someone else I think.

Doing all of this is really something that I didn’t even know was available. Really having a say in how all of this works is something that is really making me glad. There are so many things that i have to do that if I can have other people do some of them then that will be something that lets me use my records that I Have without worrying that I might be doing something that I shouldn’t be. So basically, it’s just what I have been thinking about. The other thing is that i am thinking about redoing some of the materials I have that I send out to clients because I think that would be beneficial but you never know because that is something that a lot of people probably think they might not know about and then they see it and it’s like oh, wait, here. So that’s something I’m going to have to go over as well as changing up my schedule. I need to do more work at certain points so I can be free for other things that I need to do like emailing people and working on other developments. So as far as all of that goes, I am really just trying to see what i can do to have things run in a way that fits the kind of business I would enjoy. And then I need to make sure that I get a few of these other things done so I am abruptly change setting the points that I need to have the other stuff go how it would be effective.

Cool Programs

The options that you have for your service providers aren’t really that great. I mean, there is the normal cable company. We all know how they are. They have a good lineup but they are not everyone’s favorite company. And then there really aren’t many other options. But I’ve been looking at att to see if their uverse discount code package is decent. I really just like to user the internet and that’s it so I want some decent speeds and I have very fast speeds right now but I’m not really happy with the rest of the product. So that’s why I’ve been looking.

My friend was telling me that he was thinking I should just see if there are some other options or just like do it another way but I haven’t found anything else that would work. I mean, you need internet. What are you going to do? Just use like hotspots or something? That’s not even realistic for normal usage. So the thing I need to do is find out exactly what i want and then make the selection that would be good.

Speaking of all of this, my friend was telling me that he is thinking about asking this guy he knows if he wants to detail his car. I guess the guy knows a lot about cars or something. He asked what i thought and I was like man, I have no idea about any of that. But the thing is, my friend has a nice car and he was thinking that he needs to take care of it so it will be something be i interested in and I guess he thinks he needs to go crazy with care. And that’s not a bad thing because there are a lot of people who could probably put a little more performance into their upkept cars if you ask me, but I don’t think anyone is asking me so I’ll probably just not even give that option to him. Really though, I’m not even sure I would know everything that you would need to build. However, I think that he is pretty dedicated to all of that so I’m sure whatever he does will be something that he can enjoy and I’m sure that he will have a good detail for everything since he seems to notice that. The reason I actually enjoy his company is because he is very specific.

The Open Field

I am trying to see if I can learn more about air fresheners.  I’d like to keep my home pretty fresh and I don’t want to get those scented things because I haven’t really found any that I really like the smell of, and even though a lot of people seem to buy them, I just think they make my place smell kind of strange.  But rather than get one of those, what I’m looking at is an air purifier that will keep everything out of my air that could cause a scent or anything that could make me sneeze.  I have seen a few mentioned online but I’m not really sure what the differences are other than maybe being for different sized rooms or whatever.  It just seems like something that might be helpful to keep in the living area so that if there are any weird smells or anything that aren’t going to become something that will bother people.  It might also be able to keep other stuff out of the air that you might not want to be breathing in.

The only place I have ever seen one of these was when I went to visit my sister and she had a medium sized on in her living room.  It wasn’t very loud and I guess it worked pretty well but you couldn’t really tell, although she had only been suing it in the evenings so I don’t know if it needs to be run all hours or what.

There are a few kinds I have seen online from a few different brands including Panasonic and Whispure but mostly I was reading about the Whispure 510 and it sounds like it might do what I am thinking it should do although like I said I don’t really know much about this.  Generally it’s a good idea to research something before you buy it so I’m going to be going online and checking out different websites like best to see what their reviews have to say and maybe I’ll be able to find one that will work for me or at least learn which ones, if any, I should stay away from, because I don’t want one that is ok.  That’s what I’m going to be doing as this will probably be the next thing I buy for my home.  The only other thing I have been looking at is a new couch but that’s a different story.

Small City Residences

Some of my friends have made the comment that they think my place is too small.  You see, I have some friends who live pretty far out of town where you can get a place to live for a lot less than when you are closer to the big cities.  It makes sense that if bigger areas out in the country are more familiar, then it would seem pretty small in the city.  But that’s where most of the people I know want to live.  For example, I have a friend who comes to visit and she sees my one bedroom places and my relatively small flat and says that she doesn’t know how I can stand to live here because there isn’t any space to do anything.  If you go to her home, you will see that she lives on a big lot and has a 3 bedroom house.  Well, of course my place seems small!

You do not see this in the city

There are so many things I like about living in the city, but there are also some things that would be nice about living away from all the crowded areas.  If you have a house that is away from stuff you can get a bigger yard, or, I should say you can get a yard, since all the apartments in the cities don’t have yards.  You can put things in your yard, like a garden, and a little gazebo in the back, and some metal garden furniture to sit in when you have your buddies come over.

A place to hang out in the downtown area

When we want to relax we have to go to a restaurant.  I have a lot of taverns that I like to visit, but there is something that is nice about hanging out in your yard with others.  And that isn’t something that I can do here.  I might move out of the city but I really like living here and I also work here so I don’t see that happening.  And living in a small place isn’t so bad, in fact, it teaches me to be a bit more creative because I don’t have room to just store everything that i want.  So I’ll be sure to only get things that I know I am going to need and be able to find a place for.

But when I go to visit my friend and we can go outside and she shows me her sidewalk and her garden and all of that, it actually is really nice.

English Accents

Do you know anyone who is always traveling?  I have a friend who is always going somewhere.  He has been not only all over America but also to a lot of places in Europe, too.  He told me that he recently went to England and he said that it took a little bit to get used to how they talk.  I was like man, you should just listen to them on TV and then you’ll get used to it.  He said that they were pretty cool and he was able to visit some famous places.  He said that he also wants to go to Germany but he didn’t make it there so he is going to make his next trip there instead.

I think I would like to go to Europe, too.  The furthers I have ever been away from home is Canada and that doesn’t even really consider it as an international trip because it’s really just right above us here.  But it was actually quite fun and I visited a cool place while I was there and it made me want to learn more about Canada as a country.  So I’m thinking that I might have to join my friend in his Wanderlust as he travels around the place and see if he has any cool trips planned.  He said that he wanted to get a hotel gift card from Giftly and use that so he wouldn’t have to worry about his hotel on his next trip.  I wasn’t sure that would work, but the more I thought about it the more it seemed like kind of a good idea so I think that I might have to do something similar to that.  I was looking online at the different places I would like to go and I definitely want to check out San Diego because I heard it is really nice there and there are some things that I want to see.  There is also a place I would like to visit in Texas but I have never been there and I don’t know if I would like it overall, but I think it would be quite different from where I live now.  And then if I get a chance I also want to visit Wisconsin and check out some of the places there because I knew someone from there and he was always talking about his home state and I figure I might want to check it out as well, not that it’s necessarily my first choice, but it would still be a decent midwest place I think.

My Site Loves

I like to blog.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  In fact, if you’re been reading this site then you’re pretty aware that I will use this blog to post anything I’m thinking about, from things I hear about, to relationship issues, and even to things I want to try.  I’m glad I found a site like this where I can easily put the things online that I want to share, because without a site like this I would probably be having to do everything manually and that isn’t what I would want to do.  I mean having to code each page by hand?  That would take quite a while.  You could obviously copy and paste most of the code, but still.  I like how WordPress does it all for you automatically.  It’s actually pretty soft when you learn how to use it.  There’s a learning curve but that didn’t take me too long.  The only thing that is kind of weird is that some of the options will change as it releases newer versions but that’s something that is going to happen no matter what you do.

So anyway, there are a few other options out there but I think I like WordPress the best.  I also like it because it gives people the option to blog without having to buy anything.  Compare this against things like few blogs that charge for their use.  I mean, those might work well for what they are designed for but I like using these customizations that I have on my blog now.  All I have to do is post whatever I want and I’m done.  I think that’s probably part of the reason that so many people use this platform.  It’s easy and pretty wide varieties of options exist to customize it however you want.  I think that’s a good idea so you don’t have a bunch of blogs that all look the same and people are like hey, another one that looks similar.  I try to keep mine user friendly.

Another thing I enjoy about blogging is that I can write long or short posts and there’s no set length or anything.  I mean imagine if posts had to be so long or you couldn’t publish them.  Who always wants to read some super long post?  No thanks.  So I’m gonna go do some stuff but I wanted to write this so I could talk about why I like writing stuff on my site.