Have you heard about how political candidates are making updates to their websites from what people tell them? It’s actually pretty suspicious if you ask me. So, if you know me you know that this isn’t a political blog at all, but I definitely felt like talking about this for a bit. Alright, so politicians, or rather the people who are running, have their websites, right? I’m sure you’ve all looked at them. The problem however is that, much like trailing getting in office, they change what they say on their websites, too. So why is this a problem? First of all, they might verbalize their thoughts on one thing and get some funding from certain people, then they might change to something else to try and get donations from others. It’s definitely a characteristic that causes you to go wtf. I mean think about it.

Now, for the most part, I don’t even really follow politics. I literally don’t care. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do, but it’s more the fact that whatever we as people can do doesn’t really matter. I’m not going to get into the issues with a 2 party system, and yes, there are other parties, but do they ever get any votes? Not really. Look here’s the thing. I recently learned there are people who pay attention to this kind of thing. You can see what their website looked like and then you can confirm that it has, indeed, changed. Now you could do this on the archives if you wanted I guess, but there’s places that do it for you anyway.

So I guess if you’re following you loved candidate and want to see what they were up to, you can do something like this. They will even send you some email when the website changes. What is happening here will be pretty awesome if news guys start talking about it. They’ll be like “so and so said this, and THEN they said this.” I realize everyone gets this already, it’s just something they could talk about.

Here’s the thing. Are you really going to vote for someone who modifies what they say all the time? I mean, I’m really not going to get into this aspect because I just crossed into a different topic altogether. And this is why I don’t talk election stuff. But of course, I wanted to mention that this kind of thing exists because I was rather joyful to see it. Maybe they will have to stop altering what they say now?

Probably not.