Do you know anyone who is always traveling?  I have a friend who is always going somewhere.  He has been not only all over America but also to a lot of places in Europe, too.  He told me that he recently went to England and he said that it took a little bit to get used to how they talk.  I was like man, you should just listen to them on TV and then you’ll get used to it.  He said that they were pretty cool and he was able to visit some famous places.  He said that he also wants to go to Germany but he didn’t make it there so he is going to make his next trip there instead.

I think I would like to go to Europe, too.  The furthers I have ever been away from home is Canada and that doesn’t even really consider it as an international trip because it’s really just right above us here.  But it was actually quite fun and I visited a cool place while I was there and it made me want to learn more about Canada as a country.  So I’m thinking that I might have to join my friend in his Wanderlust as he travels around the place and see if he has any cool trips planned.  He said that he wanted to get a hotel gift card from Giftly and use that so he wouldn’t have to worry about his hotel on his next trip.  I wasn’t sure that would work, but the more I thought about it the more it seemed like kind of a good idea so I think that I might have to do something similar to that.  I was looking online at the different places I would like to go and I definitely want to check out San Diego because I heard it is really nice there and there are some things that I want to see.  There is also a place I would like to visit in Texas but I have never been there and I don’t know if I would like it overall, but I think it would be quite different from where I live now.  And then if I get a chance I also want to visit Wisconsin and check out some of the places there because I knew someone from there and he was always talking about his home state and I figure I might want to check it out as well, not that it’s necessarily my first choice, but it would still be a decent midwest place I think.