I like to blog.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.  In fact, if you’re been reading this site then you’re pretty aware that I will use this blog to post anything I’m thinking about, from things I hear about, to relationship issues, and even to things I want to try.  I’m glad I found a site like this where I can easily put the things online that I want to share, because without a site like this I would probably be having to do everything manually and that isn’t what I would want to do.  I mean having to code each page by hand?  That would take quite a while.  You could obviously copy and paste most of the code, but still.  I like how WordPress does it all for you automatically.  It’s actually pretty soft when you learn how to use it.  There’s a learning curve but that didn’t take me too long.  The only thing that is kind of weird is that some of the options will change as it releases newer versions but that’s something that is going to happen no matter what you do.

So anyway, there are a few other options out there but I think I like WordPress the best.  I also like it because it gives people the option to blog without having to buy anything.  Compare this against things like few blogs that charge for their use.  I mean, those might work well for what they are designed for but I like using these customizations that I have on my blog now.  All I have to do is post whatever I want and I’m done.  I think that’s probably part of the reason that so many people use this platform.  It’s easy and pretty wide varieties of options exist to customize it however you want.  I think that’s a good idea so you don’t have a bunch of blogs that all look the same and people are like hey, another one that looks similar.  I try to keep mine user friendly.

Another thing I enjoy about blogging is that I can write long or short posts and there’s no set length or anything.  I mean imagine if posts had to be so long or you couldn’t publish them.  Who always wants to read some super long post?  No thanks.  So I’m gonna go do some stuff but I wanted to write this so I could talk about why I like writing stuff on my site.