I am trying to see if I can learn more about air fresheners.  I’d like to keep my home pretty fresh and I don’t want to get those scented things because I haven’t really found any that I really like the smell of, and even though a lot of people seem to buy them, I just think they make my place smell kind of strange.  But rather than get one of those, what I’m looking at is an air purifier that will keep everything out of my air that could cause a scent or anything that could make me sneeze.  I have seen a few mentioned online but I’m not really sure what the differences are other than maybe being for different sized rooms or whatever.  It just seems like something that might be helpful to keep in the living area so that if there are any weird smells or anything that aren’t going to become something that will bother people.  It might also be able to keep other stuff out of the air that you might not want to be breathing in.

The only place I have ever seen one of these was when I went to visit my sister and she had a medium sized on in her living room.  It wasn’t very loud and I guess it worked pretty well but you couldn’t really tell, although she had only been suing it in the evenings so I don’t know if it needs to be run all hours or what.

There are a few kinds I have seen online from a few different brands including Panasonic and Whispure but mostly I was reading about the Whispure 510 and it sounds like it might do what I am thinking it should do although like I said I don’t really know much about this.  Generally it’s a good idea to research something before you buy it so I’m going to be going online and checking out different websites like best buy.com to see what their reviews have to say and maybe I’ll be able to find one that will work for me or at least learn which ones, if any, I should stay away from, because I don’t want one that is ok.  That’s what I’m going to be doing as this will probably be the next thing I buy for my home.  The only other thing I have been looking at is a new couch but that’s a different story.