The options that you have for your service providers aren’t really that great. I mean, there is the normal cable company. We all know how they are. They have a good lineup but they are not everyone’s favorite company. And then there really aren’t many other options. But I’ve been looking at att to see if their uverse discount code package is decent. I really just like to user the internet and that’s it so I want some decent speeds and I have very fast speeds right now but I’m not really happy with the rest of the product. So that’s why I’ve been looking.

My friend was telling me that he was thinking I should just see if there are some other options or just like do it another way but I haven’t found anything else that would work. I mean, you need internet. What are you going to do? Just use like hotspots or something? That’s not even realistic for normal usage. So the thing I need to do is find out exactly what i want and then make the selection that would be good.

Speaking of all of this, my friend was telling me that he is thinking about asking this guy he knows if he wants to detail his car. I guess the guy knows a lot about cars or something. He asked what i thought and I was like man, I have no idea about any of that. But the thing is, my friend has a nice car and he was thinking that he needs to take care of it so it will be something be i interested in and I guess he thinks he needs to go crazy with care. And that’s not a bad thing because there are a lot of people who could probably put a little more performance into their upkept cars if you ask me, but I don’t think anyone is asking me so I’ll probably just not even give that option to him. Really though, I’m not even sure I would know everything that you would need to build. However, I think that he is pretty dedicated to all of that so I’m sure whatever he does will be something that he can enjoy and I’m sure that he will have a good detail for everything since he seems to notice that. The reason I actually enjoy his company is because he is very specific.