Perhaps the most exciting part of keeping track of everything I do is that I have been really working to keep track of all the things I do. Getting to the point where I can just keep it all in a single document has really been helpful to me. But I am looking for virtual bookkeeping now because I’ d like to have another firm manage that while I am doing all the other stuff. The main thing I need to do is find someone that I think will do a good job. There are a few places you can do that but it’s something that you need to get done in a way that will be good for you. The other thing that is related to this is that there are a few people I was thinking about using but I am going to go with someone else I think.

Doing all of this is really something that I didn’t even know was available. Really having a say in how all of this works is something that is really making me glad. There are so many things that i have to do that if I can have other people do some of them then that will be something that lets me use my records that I Have without worrying that I might be doing something that I shouldn’t be. So basically, it’s just what I have been thinking about. The other thing is that i am thinking about redoing some of the materials I have that I send out to clients because I think that would be beneficial but you never know because that is something that a lot of people probably think they might not know about and then they see it and it’s like oh, wait, here. So that’s something I’m going to have to go over as well as changing up my schedule. I need to do more work at certain points so I can be free for other things that I need to do like emailing people and working on other developments. So as far as all of that goes, I am really just trying to see what i can do to have things run in a way that fits the kind of business I would enjoy. And then I need to make sure that I get a few of these other things done so I am abruptly change setting the points that I need to have the other stuff go how it would be effective.