Old Hobbies

It’s been kind of depressing to watch the news recently.  Well, it’s always kind of depressing to watch the news, but recently with the shooting at the elementary school and then all the following talks about gun laws.  It’s just kind of crazy to see everyone trying to come up with a different solution to […]

Guess Where I Am!

Guess where I am posting this from?  Indonesia!  I have wanted to travel here for the longest time.  Every time I would read about it, or see pictures about it, it just made me want to go even more.  It always looked so beautiful!  Let me gush for a little bit now.  I mean seriously, […]

Autumn Rules

Well, autumn is here, and I’m liking it.  Every summer I look forward to when it finally cools off.  I don’t quite understand how everyone is always like “I can’t wait for summer!” but then when it gets here, they complain that it’s too hot to go outside.  It’s like wait a minute, weren’t you […]

Why Do We Love Our Cellphones?

Sometimes I wonder if cell phones actually increase productivity as much as people think they do.  I mean, on one hand, they make you much more available.  You can call someone as you’re walking down the street.  You can call someone while you’re on the subway.  You can call someone while you’re driving (although you […]

Overcoming a fear?

So work has been interesting recently.  It seems that not only are we going to be expanding our office, but we’re going to be bringing in an entirely new department as well. And guess who gets to train them all? Me. Now, that’s not really a big deal in and of itself.  I’ve been with […]

Thoughts on Letting Go

I’m dying alone while alive, but I’ve made my peace. I didn’t ask for what happened, but I’ve matured and accept on faith and intelligence, that I can not solve this problem alone — and the brightest minds have not -thus far – been able to do so either. With that said, I will sit […]

Types of Relationships

Some people have become numb, they just deny and erode a whole range of feelings because they don’t want to deal with the stupid outcome of their life after they have abused sex in meaningless relationships. They have a diverse range of sayings, rationalizations and excuses why they are not serious enough for a real […]

Crazy Train Part 2

Continued from part 1… It was a wake up call for me to judge people by their actions, not their words.  It was like finally my emotions caught up to what my brain had known for a few months.  And it progressed FAST.  After that point, every crazy thing she did repulsed me.  Like, it […]