Some people have become numb, they just deny and erode a whole range of feelings because they don’t want to deal with the stupid outcome of their life after they have abused sex in meaningless relationships. They have a diverse range of sayings, rationalizations and excuses why they are not serious enough for a real relationship.

In a real matrimony (which begins through sex, not when papers are signed), human beings are supposed to to be able to share a common bond in thought, word, deed, feeling, physicality, will, intention, etc…

Nowadays there are many absurd marriages, people join for just a night. People want Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right, it goes on and on like this.

And as it goes on, they change. Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, think, imagine, etc, changes us forever.

So be careful to preserve yourself as best you can, because the traumas will change you.

You think a woman will be a nice thing, think again. Many of the women out there are crazy, vain, treacherous, adulterous, brutish, stupid… they will use the most elevated sayings in order to cheat on you and hurt you.

Hey, it happens. You will put your heart out there and get hurt… but only if you push it.

You need to learn how to live peacefully and to be happy with yourself.

Deep down inside we all have our own Innermost mother. I mean we all have physical mothers but beyond that, we have the mother that surrounds us in any given moment, sheltering us, providing for us… we don’t convert food into energy, that very unique form of intelligence that resonates in all of our cells do that.

It would be good to be patient and to get to know ourselves a bit better, to stop wanting things. When we stop wanting things, we will naturally feel contentment because our natural state is happiness, we just need to become cognizant of it.

As you develop, as you mature and become confident through self knowledge, (not self esteem), then naturally the circumstances will align in which you will meet the sort of woman you are compatible with.

This is a law of nature. The law of affinity. You take oil and water and shake it up, and it’ll naturally separate, the oil will go back on the top of the water with the other oils.

Well if you go out and just try to force something, it will be like that, you’ll be oil trying to mix with water. Eventually you will separate and great pain will be the result.

Take your time, be the best you that you can be. It’s really not worthwhile to force things. No one cares about the crap you have except gold diggers, any decent women will pick up on your lack of confidence and get spooked off. Or even worse, you will form into a certain type of comfort relationship that lacks love, and neither of you will have the courage to break it off but you’ll be miserable together. And the finest point: it will, at the very least, lack a certain type of fire that the great ones possess. A truly great marriage is highly desirable.

Familiarize yourself with your own processes, try to understand your own inner latent potentials and realize them. Familiarize yourself with your own inner Cosmic mother and she will make you the sort of man that women dream of.