Well, autumn is here, and I’m liking it.  Every summer I look forward to when it finally cools off.  I don’t quite understand how everyone is always like “I can’t wait for summer!” but then when it gets here, they complain that it’s too hot to go outside.  It’s like wait a minute, weren’t you just complaining a few months ago about how it was too cold, and now that it’s warm, you’re complaining that it’s too hot?

Don’t get me wrong; I complain when it’s too hot, too.  But then when it starts to cool off, I dance around in excitement.  I actually want to go places and do things.  I love when I can go outside in a t-shirt and jeans and be comfortable, when you can feel the sun on you but also a cooling breeze, and when you can go for a walk without sweating.  Indeed, autumn is the best season.

But that means winter is around the corner, and just as we have hot summers, we also have cold winters.  At least I can sort of understand why people complain in the winter.  Snow is pretty, but it sucks to have to shovel it sometimes.  I’m glad I have a 4-wheel drive pickup truck for dealing with the snow.  I don’t take any chances; I have a set of snow tires that I put on as soon as it starts snowing.  You know, I actually like this truck so much that I’ve been looking for another one here.  I prefer to buy my vehicles used because it does save a lot of money and I don’t really care if I’m not the first owner, as long as the truck is in good condition.  I know some people totally disagree with me on that, but I don’t care.  I’m frugal.  I buy used cars.  Do you know what I can do with the money I save?  Whatever I want!

I think one day I would like to move to Seattle.  It never really gets too hot, and it never really gets too cold.  I guess it rains a lot, but that’s not really a big deal because I hear it usually only rains a little bit, like for an hour and then it stops, so it’s not like it rains all day every day.  The only reason I haven’t moved yet is because my job is here, and I don’t really want to quit!  Maybe they will open an office in Seattle and transfer me there.