My brother got in a bit of trouble last weekend.  He got a DUI.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, but he’s pretty upset over the whole thing.  And I’m kind of upset with him.  He’s my younger brother and I feel responsible kind of when he gets in trouble — even though we’re both adults and haven’t gotten “in trouble” in years, but you know what I mean.  Of course, it was one of those “I only had a couple” situations, but he still had to take a breathalyzer and I think he said he was just barely over the limit, but the limit is the limit, so there wasn’t much he could say or do.

I told him he should probably find a DUI attorney to help him out.  I sent him a link to a blog thinking that maybe he’ll learn something there.  I know it might be expensive but it will save him in the long run since they may be able to work out a deal or something.

I know depending on where you live, sometimes the penalties can be harsh.  I think you can lose your license for a while, there are classes you have to take, your insurance rates go up, gotta pay a fine, etc.  What a mess.  It was his first offense, though.  He’s never been in trouble with the law ever before so I’m hoping they go easy on him.

Ok, on to another topic: I can’t wait until our job goes back to “summer hours”.  Summer hours are when you get to leave at noon every other Friday, but it still counts as a 40 hour week.  So the way it works is you work a normal week, and that’s 40 hours, and then the next week you work a normal week except you leave at 12:00 on Friday and you don’t have to work any extra hours to make it up.  It’s awesome, and my company does it every summer, except of course right now it’s winter and so we’re on a normal schedule.   And once winter comes to an end, that means an end to this cold weather, too.  And snow.  Sometimes I count the days until next summer.  Maybe I’ll take a vacation to somewhere warm this year when it’s freezing here.  Maybe I’ll go visit my brother in Miami.  Well, I don’t really like humidity that much, either, so maybe I won’t go there.  I guess we will see.  Alright, time to go make dinner.