I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been keeping up with my goal of running a few times each week.  I’m quite proud of myself because I have a tendency to set goals and then never really follow up on them.  Kind of like that time I wanted to learn Italian and I bought a bunch of Italian books and courses and studied it really hardcore for about a week and then stopped.  I still have all the books sitting on my shelf, and every time I see them I think “I’ll start that back up one day,” but I haven’t yet.  I think part of the problem with that may have been I jumped into it really seriously, like trying to study for hours a day.  I suspect that if I had only tried to do 30 minutes a day or so I might have stuck with it.  And so that could be why I’ve stuck with the running since I’ve only been doing it a few times a week.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I really like running.  Although it’s only been a few weeks, I can already see a difference in how I look, and I definitely feel better, too.  I’ve got a bit more weight to lose but so far so good.  I’ve also been trying to eat better and I may consider trying a supplement like green coffee bean extract as well, but I think the running will play the biggest part in everything.  One of the coolest parts about running that I didn’t even expect is the community.  I went online to try and find the answers to a few questions I had and ended up finding some forums full of cool and helpful people.  They were able to give me some info regarding shoes, how often I should run, what supplements I should use, etc.  Totally unexpected!  I didn’t know there were such large running communities!

I’m also looking forward to this spring when it gets a bit warmer and I can run outside without needing to wear a hat and gloves.  In the winter you go outside and it’s freezing and then you start to sweat a bit, and then when when the wind hits the sweat it makes you even colder!  Of course, the summer isn’t much better when it’s so hot outside that you start sweating before you even start running!  Somewhere around 10-20 degrees C is perfect (that’s 50-70 F for any Americans reading this).  Of course, I always have the option of going to the gym and running indoors, but I prefer to run outside cuz the air is good for you!