I have too much stuff.


I didn’t realize it until I decided to move into a smaller flat, and as I started going through my closets I realized that I really, really have a lot of stuff.  I’m also incredibly efficient at organizing, because I have way more things stuffed into various containers and stacked up in the closet than I should.  The problem is that I kind of form a sentimental attachment to stuff.  It’s not that I’m a hoarder.  I most definitely am not!  It’s just that I like to save stuff because you never quite know when you might need something again in the future.  You know, like computer parts, for example.  I have RAM from my old computer that probably isn’t even compatible with current computers, and even if it were, it’s like a 1 gig stick.  Who uses a 1 gig stick?  But at the time, of course, it was like “oh hey, I think I’ll hold onto this just incase I need an extra stick of RAM in the future.”

Anyway, I’m downsizing my living space.  I’m moving downtown where space is at a premium, and so I’m leaving my current 75 meters squared flat for a place that is only 60.  And the thing is, 60 square meters is actually a pretty decent size for where I’m going to be living.  I’m paying more, too.  Luckily for me, I found a place where you can sell stuff online for free, so a lot of the stuff that I have that is still useful (not the 1 gig RAM stick!) I’m going to be able to sell.  All I have to do is scan the barcode.  I’m not expecting to get a lot of money, but whatever I do get will help.  I’ve got some old clothes, a videogame system, and a bunch of books.  I might just put the rest of it up on eBay or give it away or donate it to charity or something.  My new place only has two closets (one hallway, one bedroom) so I have to make sure I don’t get carried away like I did here.  I’m not even sure if all my furniture will fit in my new place.  I may end up having to give away some of that, too.

I’m excited, though.  I hate moving, but I like once you’re actually settled in.   It’s the packing and stuff that I don’t like.  That’s probably why I don’t move very often.