I am on a mission as far as getting my townhouse more organized. I’m just going to be honest and flat out say that I have let the place go in the last year or so. I was really sick there for a while and had some other personal problems pop up but I’m past all that. I feel better both mentally and physically now and want my home to reflect that. My biggest problem is my 2nd bedroom which I sort of just threw everything and anything in there as a makeshift storage locker. The problem is it isn’t organized at all and looks horrendous. I know a lot of it has to go but I have also been looking for plastic storage bins on this site because I do want to keep some of it. There are a few things in there that belonged to my Mom and those are definite keepers.

Besides that my place is in ok shape and won’t need a major makeover or anything. I just need to set aside a full weekend to do a thorough cleaning. I asked my sister Amy if she wanted to come over and help and she said she would get back to me. She likes to think of herself as some kind of master organizer which I think is funny. She likes to start things but finishing them is a different story. You could ask her husband Bill all about that if you knew him. I actually feel sorry for him but he knew what he was getting into when he married her. That was 12 years ago which makes me feel old seeing as I’m 6 years older than her.

I actually want to start thinking about trying to sell my place. I know that will be easier said than done but I am sort of tired of living here. I don’t know any of my neighbors and the location isn’t all that great. I think a fresh start somewhere new would be nice but we’ll see. I know the housing market isn’t great for sellers right  now and I certainly can’t afford to lose money on the deal. I might put out a feeler to my friend James that works in real estate to see what he says. I haven’t talked to him in a while but I think he always had a thing for me so he won’t mind helping me out.