Baseball Caps And T-Shirts

I have been talking to someone I know about something they can do to drastically alter their appearance which is what they’ve been talking about. I think he is wanting to change the way other people judge him but I don’t mean that in a weird way because he just kind of wants to get


Our occupations

At work we were talking about if we want to stay here. I know that a lot of people talk about that and it’s the kind of situation where each person has an idea. You’ve got people that want to be looking for new jobs but they can’t really say that because they might not


What do you like to do

Apparently there are some places that my friends were telling me about that I should find out more about because it seems there are a lot of things that I might be interested in. When we were talking about the things we like to do, and people were sharing what they like, a few people


My Data

Perhaps the most exciting part of keeping track of everything I do is that I have been really working to keep track of all the things I do. Getting to the point where I can just keep it all in a single document has really been helpful to me. But I am looking for virtual


Cool Programs

The options that you have for your service providers aren’t really that great. I mean, there is the normal cable company. We all know how they are. They have a good lineup but they are not everyone’s favorite company. And then there really aren’t many other options. But I’ve been looking at att to see

My Bed

My Bed

My friend was over the other day and we were talking about snoring.  He told me that he was reading about some of the different things that you can do to stop snoring but he doesn’t really know any of them work.  I don’t snore but I know a few people who do and I think that one of them wears a mouthguard or something to bed that is supposed to make you stop but I don’t know if it works and I don’t think he knows either because he’s asleep!  I should probably ask his girlfriend.  He told me about this website called without snoring that talks about some of the different things you can do.

I don’t know.

I have another friend who said that he insists on sleeping on his side because otherwise he won’t be comfortable.  That sounds strange to me because I usually fall asleep on my back but I’ll wake up in weird positions.  I guess I flop around a lot and I have been known to move the blankets and stuff, too.  I am not sure why I do that, I get really relaxed and I fall asleep and then I move around a bit.  I don’t usually try and I don’t even know if I’m waking up or what, I just seem to change positions.  A lot.

Speaking of sleeping, I also love stuffed blankets.  I have this blanket that has little sections and each of them is filled with something super soft, I don’t know what’s in it, but it is the greatest blanket.  I also like being a little chilly when I sleep.  In the summer it’s all hot and I just can’t fall asleep and certainly don’t need a blanket but in the fall it’s nice because I can pull the blankets up and get all cozy.  I also like to sleep with only one pillow.  I kind of get it positioned a certain way and then I’ll lay down but I really only want one pillow.  I need it to be thin, too.  Those huge pillows that are all puffy look really soft but I’ve never liked sleeping with them.  I wouldn’t say that I’m particular about the way I asleep, just that I know there are certain things that work for me and other thing that don’t.  I also like having exactly three blankets but that is another issue altogther.  One pillow.  If I have more than that I’ll just move them out of the way.  Plus this way my bed looks nice.

Exercise Talk

Exercise Talk

There are a few things that I want to see if I can do at the gym. I would like to find a place to stretch out with some kind of mat so that my feet can stay in place, and I would also like to see if they have a room with some exercise bikes so I can get in some cardio while I am reading a magazine. The other thing I have been thinking about is whether or not I will want to lift weights for my upper body. I am already pretty strong and I have been doing mostly leg exercises recently and other than doing on legged balancing things I can’t really think of anything else that I need to do for my strength. I do a lot of yogurt smoothies and I think that my net diet is pretty good. I have been trying to see if there is anything else that I can think of that would help my exercising.

I know there are a few other exercise movements I would like to try. I saw someone doing a handstand against a wall and I think I would go and do that but I don’t think that I could do it without leaning up against something. I have been trying to see if there is anything else that I would like to do and the other stuff that i can think of mostly involves weight training.

I also would like to see if I can find a book or something that will show me how to do some of these exercises properly. Running is really the only thing I am sure of my form and program. Another thing that I am interested in is seeing if I would be able to incorporate some of the exercises that I do now into some of the ones that I wan t to do. They might work together to help me get an even better routine.

I also am trying to find out if it would matter if I skip a day every so often. I know some people say definintely not to and others say definitely do so.

There are some supplements that I wan tto look into as well. There is one called garcinia cambogia that might be something I can use but Iwill have to do more research on that first. I want to get something that will work.

Rehab My Shoulder

Rehab My Shoulder

My shoulder has been hurting for a while. I’m not sure what exactly is going on but it kind of hurts when I bend it a certain way so I’ve been having to make sure I don’t reach my arm back too far. It might be because I work at my computer a lot and I don’t stretch as much as I should. I need to start exercising again so I can get some strength to make up for working at my desk for so long. I heard that being at your desk for too long can cause problems with muscles and you should have a fitness routine to help prevent that from happening. There are a lot of people at my job who are there for much of the day and we even sometimes eat lunch at our desks which means more working so I think we should all start doing something workout related so we can all get active. One of the things I want to do actually is get a routine going where I am going to the gym a few days a week so it becomes a habit and I don’t sit around making excuses. Now I think I will also need to see a physical therapist for my shoulder, though, because it’s not like I injured it through exercise or doing anything because I haven’t done anything to hurt it, it just started hurting one morning when I was reaching for something behind me.

I think there are some exercises I can do to help get it back to where it doesn’t hurt but I don’t know what they are and I’ll have to work with a PT for that. Hopefully it doesn’t require surgery but I don’t even know what is wrong yet. I was checking out some websites to get some ideas and I saw that there are a few treatment options depending on what the problem is. According to there are some injections that can help if you have certain types of conditions but like I said I don’t even know what is going on with my shoulder. It doesn’t hurt all the time but only in certain positions I put it in so I have to just be careful that I’m not moving it in a way that causes it to hurt. I think I am also going to start up doing yoga again which is something I’ve done before and liked a good amount.

I Keep Track Of Them In A Planner

I Keep Track Of Them In A Planner

I went most of June and July without headaches, then was suddenly slammed by a couple nasty ones. I thought I had predicting them down to an in-exact science but I was genuinely surprised by the two I got this week. Since we’re at the tail end of a heat wave here, my best guess is that the heat plus an unusual amount of stress triggered the headaches.

It always sucks dealing with bad headaches, but on the bright side, I’ve noticed they tend to happen on days where the weather outside is miserable anyway, so I don’t feel too badly about staying indoors and being a Netflix-watching couch potato. They do truly mess up the rest of the week, however. I can’t even clean or do laundry if I have a headache that is bad enough. The exertion from carrying the baskets full of clothes up and down flights of stairs can make my head pound even harder, and the fumes and constant bending-over required for cleaning also makes any headache worse. So instead I need to hope that I recover quickly then cram my entire remaining weekend full of missed chores.

Fortunately, my husband is very understanding of my headaches and helps out a lot by cleaning if I can’t do it, and I’m thankful for that. Very thankful!

Over the years I’ve developed some tricks for managing my headaches. I have also found that if you take one tablet of over the counter headache medicine and it doesn’t work, then don’t bother taking a second–all you will do is severely upset your stomach. Believe me, it doesn’t work.  I’ve taken my share of ibuprofen over the years.  There is another produce I recently heard about called Migralex that I might try.  It contains aspirin and magnesium and is supposed to work.

Heat applied to the back of the neck and ice applied to the forehead, over the spot with the most localized pain, may not eliminate the headache but it really feels nice. I also like using aromatherapy–lavender and mint essential oils are some favorites. I also ensure that I’m positioned comfortably on the couch–I try to support my neck and ensure my shoulders aren’t bunched up around my ears. That just creates more tension, which can prolong the headache. And of course, if all else fails, a prescription from the doctor can help a ton, but it isn’t for everyone.

Redoing Everything

Redoing Everything

Remodeling is a bigger chore than I’d ever imagined. It’s not that any single task is hard, it’s the fact that my house is old and out of date and I feel like I want to change everything. Almost everything this house came from either my parents or friends of my parents when I first moved out after college. Well, now I’m a bit older and I’ve started living life in the real world. I got my first ‘real’ job a couple of years ago but I’ve been pounding away at student loans. I’ve made significant progress in paying off loans and I’m finally starting to build a nest egg. I think it’s time to start focusing on making life more comfortable for me.

Now that I have a nest egg, it’s time to turn my house into a home. I’ve been living here for a few years but haven’t updated anything. Like I said, all of my stuff is old, and for lack of a better phrase, was given to me by old people. It’s definitely time for me to start branching out and getting things I like, rather than things a broke college student can afford. One of the first things I need to get is a new bed. The bed in my house is the same bed that I have been sleeping in since I’ve been around fifteen years old. At this point, it’s a bit uncomfortable…as well as embarrassing. Of course I’ve graduated from my superman sheets, but the style of the bed is something my mom picked out, and their home is 1950s at best.

I’ve been looking online, and I think I really want to see if I can find a new bed, preferably something contemporary. I already found the mattress I like, it’s one of the new high-tech super comfortable mattresses, but I need to find a frame that fits my personality. Personally, I’m starting to really like platform beds and there are some that are very cool and contemporary looking, like the ones on this lit design site. I may end up going with a traditional frame with headboard and baseboard, but either way I just know I want something that doesn’t look like it came out of a cabin that only recently got electricity. I’m not knocking my parents’ taste. I love my mom and dad unconditionally, but it’s time for me to get out and discover who I am and to furnish my house accordingly.

This Could Be Me!

This Could Be Me!

I’m feeling restless.  I want to get out and go do something.  I’ve been working so much recently that I haven’t really gone out with my friends or really even done anything exciting in the last few weeks and it’s starting to get to me.  One of my friends is coming into town from another state this weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing them just cuz it will be something to do.  We’re all going to meet at another friend’s place and grill and have some drinks and just chill.  I’m going stir crazy right now!

I may have to put in some PTO and just go somewhere.  Have you ever just randomly gone on a trip without having any particular place in mind?  Like just go to the airport and get on a plane?  I don’t know if I’m quite spontaneous enough to do that, but I want to do something.  I want to go surfing in Costa Rica.  I’ve never been surfing before but it looks like it would be fun.  Actually, speaking of surfing, I saw a show on TV a few years ago about this indoor surf park they have in Japan.  The waves are created artificially but you can ride them the same as normal waves.  The show talked about this surfer from Australia who went to the park when he was in Japan and he liked it so much that he moved there and now he’s an instructor.  Talk about doing what you enjoy for a living!

Japan may be a bit far away, so I think I’ll stick with Costa Rica for now.  I have a friend from University who studied thee for a semester as part of his degree in teaching Spanish.  He said it was awesome, and in fact when I first thought about going there he popped into my mind so I sent him a message and asked him about his time there and he was like “omg, do it, go, now!”  So, that’s just encouraging me.

Is surfing hard?  Have any of you gone before?  I remember trying to skateboard when I was a kid and I wasn’t very good at it.  Wasn’t skateboarding actually invented because of surfing?  Like they wanted to be able to ride the waves even when they weren’t buy the ocean so they put some wheels on a board or something?  I may have that completely wrong but I think I heard that somewhere.

If I go you can expect pictures!

I Like My Computer

I Like My Computer

I use a Mac.  I’ve been told it’s because I’m a girl.  Do more women use Macs than men?  Actually, now that I think about it, most of the people I know who are nerdy into computers are men, and they all have PCs.  I’m sure that’s not a big enough sample size to constitute meaningful statistical data, but still.  I know plenty of guys who use Apple products, too.  Now that I think about it, however, many of them are hipsters.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  I’m going to stop here before I get myself in trouble!

Where was I going with that?  Oh yeah.  I use my computer for everything.  I keep music on it.  I have lots of photos.  Bank statements.  Papers from university.  I use it to surf the net.  I watch movies on it.  I check Facebook a few times a day like everyone else.  I would be upset if something were to happen to it, so I’ve decided I need to start backing my stuff up.

I know it’s standard computer using procedure: always make backups!  I save my work when I’m working on it all the time.  In fact, I’m kind of OCD about it.  I’ll hit Command + S every few minutes or after I finish a really good sentence or something.  But I haven’t ever backed up my hard drive.  I want to look into Mac Cloud backup options because I figure that might be easier than having to get an external drive and worrying about keeping track of it.  I know they’re not big but I have a tendency to misplace things.  If I’m backing up on the “cloud” then there’s no actual physical thing to worry about.  Plus, I can access my stuff from wherever I want.  I see those commercials on the tele where they’re like “it’s on the cloud” and they always drive me nuts, but it might not actually be such a bad idea.  But really, why not just say “online” instead?

Anyway, I like my computer.  I think I’ll put it on my list to get this backup thing taken care of by the end of this week, otherwise I’ll keep putting it off and it will be one of those things that I always say I should do but never actually get around to doing, and this is the kind of thing that I want to do before I need it.

Saving For That Rainy Day

Saving For That Rainy Day

I am very frugal.

My mind is consumed with the notion of acquiring and building wealth to the extent that it’s intruding upon my daily activities.

I try to do everything frugally.  For example, when I bought my first car, I didn’t pick the coolest car or the fastest car.  Instead, I picked a car with the best car insurance rates.  I had a list of vehicles I was interested in and I checked with various insurance companies to find out how much it would be for each one.I think it all stems from a fear of not having enough money. I was talking to my mom the other day and I told her I wouldn’t be comfortable unless I had enough money for 10 years of living expenses in a liquid account.

A little background:I’m in my late 20’s or early 30’s (it’s a secret!). My previous job was my first job out of college, and I was there for almost 2 years. I worked in systems development, and it sucked. I would work 50, 60, 70 hours a week on salary (no overtime pay) with mandatory weekends and pretty much as much nonsense as you could imagine. This was a big, international HR firm, and our company engagement scores were around 25/100 (which is absolutely horrible). Basically, no one was happy there. People in the development teams had job stress-induced illnesses. I would see people cry at work, etc. Sometimes I’d go home at night at come back the next day and there were still people there who hadn’t gone home. One of our programmers worked a 35 hour shift once. People’s families would come visit them at work because the employees never got to go home. And all of this for low pay (related to similar jobs at other companies) and 0-1% raises.Alright, so I had been thinking about quitting for a while, but one weekend I decided to finally do it. I gave 2 days notice and quit. I had at least 6 months worth of living expenses saved up in a liquid account at this point, plus I cashed out 21 days of PTO which is over 4 weeks worth of pay, so that was a nice bonus.

I was so stressed out from that job I was then unemployed for about 6 months, by choice. I was literally so screwed up from that job that I didn’t do much for the next 3-4 months. I would sleep in until noon. I had no motivation to do anything. And through the whole thing, I felt secure because I had enough in the bank for a few more months…

Anyway, that experience made me realize that I was lucky to be able financially to up and quit my job. There were so many people there who hated it but couldn’t quit because they were living paycheck to paycheck.

I think that now I’m terrified of being in that position again. I’m always asking myself “what if I get fired? What if I have to quit?” Finding a new job is impossible. “What if I can’t find a new job?” I’m consumed by the need to have enough money so that not finding a job won’t be a problem because I won’t need money.

I think I’m taking it a little too far to that extreme.

Beats the alternative, though.

Sticking With It

Sticking With It

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been keeping up with my goal of running a few times each week.  I’m quite proud of myself because I have a tendency to set goals and then never really follow up on them.  Kind of like that time I wanted to learn Italian and I bought a bunch of Italian books and courses and studied it really hardcore for about a week and then stopped.  I still have all the books sitting on my shelf, and every time I see them I think “I’ll start that back up one day,” but I haven’t yet.  I think part of the problem with that may have been I jumped into it really seriously, like trying to study for hours a day.  I suspect that if I had only tried to do 30 minutes a day or so I might have stuck with it.  And so that could be why I’ve stuck with the running since I’ve only been doing it a few times a week.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I really like running.  Although it’s only been a few weeks, I can already see a difference in how I look, and I definitely feel better, too.  I’ve got a bit more weight to lose but so far so good.  I’ve also been trying to eat better and I may consider trying a supplement like green coffee bean extract as well, but I think the running will play the biggest part in everything.  One of the coolest parts about running that I didn’t even expect is the community.  I went online to try and find the answers to a few questions I had and ended up finding some forums full of cool and helpful people.  They were able to give me some info regarding shoes, how often I should run, what supplements I should use, etc.  Totally unexpected!  I didn’t know there were such large running communities!

I’m also looking forward to this spring when it gets a bit warmer and I can run outside without needing to wear a hat and gloves.  In the winter you go outside and it’s freezing and then you start to sweat a bit, and then when when the wind hits the sweat it makes you even colder!  Of course, the summer isn’t much better when it’s so hot outside that you start sweating before you even start running!  Somewhere around 10-20 degrees C is perfect (that’s 50-70 F for any Americans reading this).  Of course, I always have the option of going to the gym and running indoors, but I prefer to run outside cuz the air is good for you!

It’s Still Winter

It’s Still Winter

My brother got in a bit of trouble last weekend.  He got a DUI.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, but he’s pretty upset over the whole thing.  And I’m kind of upset with him.  He’s my younger brother and I feel responsible kind of when he gets in trouble — even though we’re both adults and haven’t gotten “in trouble” in years, but you know what I mean.  Of course, it was one of those “I only had a couple” situations, but he still had to take a breathalyzer and I think he said he was just barely over the limit, but the limit is the limit, so there wasn’t much he could say or do.

I told him he should probably find a DUI attorney in Sarasota to help him out.  I sent him a link to a blog thinking that maybe he’ll learn something there.  I know it might be expensive but it will save him in the long run since they may be able to work out a deal or something.

I know depending on where you live, sometimes the penalties can be harsh.  I think you can lose your license for a while, there are classes you have to take, your insurance rates go up, gotta pay a fine, etc.  What a mess.  It was his first offense, though.  He’s never been in trouble with the law ever before so I’m hoping they go easy on him.

Ok, on to another topic: I can’t wait until our job goes back to “summer hours”.  Summer hours are when you get to leave at noon every other Friday, but it still counts as a 40 hour week.  So the way it works is you work a normal week, and that’s 40 hours, and then the next week you work a normal week except you leave at 12:00 on Friday and you don’t have to work any extra hours to make it up.  It’s awesome, and my company does it every summer, except of course right now it’s winter and so we’re on a normal schedule.   And once winter comes to an end, that means an end to this cold weather, too.  And snow.  Sometimes I count the days until next summer.  Maybe I’ll take a vacation to somewhere warm this year when it’s freezing here.  Maybe I’ll go visit my brother in Miami.  Well, I don’t really like humidity that much, either, so maybe I won’t go there.  I guess we will see.  Alright, time to go make dinner.