I Keep Track Of Them In A Planner

I Keep Track Of Them In A Planner

I went most of June and July without headaches, then was suddenly slammed by a couple nasty ones. I thought I had predicting them down to an in-exact science but I was genuinely surprised by the two I got this week. Since we’re at the tail end of a heat wave here, my best guess is that the heat plus an unusual amount of stress triggered the headaches.

It always sucks dealing with bad headaches, but on the bright side, I’ve noticed they tend to happen on days where the weather outside is miserable anyway, so I don’t feel too badly about staying indoors and being a Netflix-watching couch potato. They do truly mess up the rest of the week, however. I can’t even clean or do laundry if I have a headache that is bad enough. The exertion from carrying the baskets full of clothes up and down flights of stairs can make my head pound even harder, and the fumes and constant bending-over required for cleaning also makes any headache worse. So instead I need to hope that I recover quickly then cram my entire remaining weekend full of missed chores.

Fortunately, my husband is very understanding of my headaches and helps out a lot by cleaning if I can’t do it, and I’m thankful for that. Very thankful!

Over the years I’ve developed some tricks for managing my headaches. I have also found that if you take one tablet of over the counter headache medicine and it doesn’t work, then don’t bother taking a second–all you will do is severely upset your stomach. Believe me, it doesn’t work.  I’ve taken my share of ibuprofen over the years.  There is another produce I recently heard about called Migralex that I might try.  It contains aspirin and magnesium and is supposed to work.

Heat applied to the back of the neck and ice applied to the forehead, over the spot with the most localized pain, may not eliminate the headache but it really feels nice. I also like using aromatherapy–lavender and mint essential oils are some favorites. I also ensure that I’m positioned comfortably on the couch–I try to support my neck and ensure my shoulders aren’t bunched up around my ears. That just creates more tension, which can prolong the headache. And of course, if all else fails, a prescription from the doctor can help a ton, but it isn’t for everyone.